Featured Session

AECT and Its international impact.

Dr. Anna Donaldson (Past President, AECT)

Dr. Ana Donaldson is a past president of AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology). She retired in 2009 as an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology from the University of Northern Iowa. Besides her years of classroom and online experience; she is a published author, keynote speaker and international presenter. Her latest edited award winning book (2016) is Women’s Voices in the Field of Educational Technology: Our Journeys. She co-authored with Rita-Marie Conrad: Engaging the Online Learner: Activities for Creative Instruction (2004 & 2011) and the subsequent Continuing to Engage the Online Learner: More Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction (2012). The 2011 edition was awarded the 2012 IAP Distance Education Book First Place Award. Her research interests include: online learning, international community building, activity focused learning, and gender equality in higher education.

Culture, Equity, and Access

Sumeeta Gawande (Director, Student and Education Support Association, Inc.)

Sumeeta Gawande is Vice President and Director of Student and Education Support Association, Inc. (SESA), a US-based non-profit, and Strategic Advisor of G.S. Gawande College (GSG), a college in a rural agricultural community in India. She is also a business lawyer in the USA and co-founder of an all-natural dog-products company. As a graduate of Cornell University and Rutgers Law School and as a business woman, she has learned the importance of technology not only to education and business but also to enabling people to transform their quality of life. She oversees various development projects at GSG College and facilitates partnerships between GSG and US-based organizations, mostly notably Ohio University and several Rotary Clubs. In 2012, she set a goal of bringing high-speed internet and state-of-the-art technology to GSG. Thanks to a great team, the goal was achieved and technology improvements continue.

Instructional Design

Rob Branch, Ed.D. (Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology University of Georgia)

Robert Maribe (Rob) Branch is a Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia. He is currently a University System of Georgia Chancellor’s Learning Scholar. Rob earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina; and a Master of Arts degree from Ball State University. Rob taught high school in Botswana as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Rob completed his Doctor of Education (EdD) degree from Virginia Tech in 1989. Dr. Branch worked as a Fulbright Lecturer/Researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, conducting research on the complexities of student centered learning spaces. Rob co-chaired an academic conference on successful strategies for managing large classrooms that was held at Cape Coast University in Ghana, and last year, he co-directed a robotics education curriculum development project in Tanzania. Dr. Branch has co-edited the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook for the past 24 years, and co-authored the book, Survey of Instructional Design Models. He is the author of the book: Instructional Design: The ADDIE Approach. Dr. Branch emphasizes student-centered learning and teaches courses related to message design. Dr. Branch’s published research focuses on diagramming complex conceptual relationships and other complicated flow processes. He is a Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).